Sunday, 28 June 2009

June club run

At 10am on a scarily hot, muggy Sunday I met up with Joe, Paul, Pantani (Pete), Simon & Arthur to head off for this months club run which was heading out towards Littleborough and Blackstone Edge.

After leaving the Gardeners Arms in Moston we immediately had a large and annoying roundabout to contend with to head up over the motorway and alongside British Aerospace to the JW Lees brewery (reputedly haunted) in Middleton and up along Kenyon Lane to Oldham Rd before turning off up Hilton Fold Lane to Rochdale Rd where, after a right turn, we met John W (Welly).

After quick greetings, we all set off up round Slattocks' evil roundabout (huge, very scary when lots of traffic on it) and up Manchester Rd, under the M62 and bore right by Castleton Station to take us up Queensway and Kingsway to Albert Royds St with a right turn at the roundabout bringing us out on to Halifax Rd and the long climb up towards Littleborough Station. At this point I was contemplating my future actions as I was extremely doubtful that I'd get to the Moorcock Inn never mind up Blackstone Edge; Paul let me know that if I wanted to turn off back to Hollingworth Lake I can do. I said I might just sneak off round through Todmorden and meet them at Hebden Bridge while they climb the Edge and descend Cragg Vale. Welly wasn't going to be riding the Edge or to Tod.
As it was, both myself and Welly continued to climb Blackstone Edge to the Moorcock (and the base of our hill climb). Once there Paul was waiting for us and having a welcome rest as he was hauling ass on his Scott Yecora mtb while the others were on lightweight Giant (Joe), Dolan (Pantani) and Jamis (Simon) roadies.

It was decided that, as my legs were whining a bit too much for my liking (most likely due to the heat and humidity) that myself and Welly would head back to the Lake - we'd both taken part in the club ride which is what matters!
After watching Paul set off up the vicious climb, we turned back for a rapid descent into Littleborough and the dippy road that leads to what used to be The Fish and headed to the visitor centre for coffee and tea cakes.

After we were rested and refreshed, we both set off down Wild House Lane (beware the furry Exocet missiles) and Kiln Lane (lovely fast descent, shame about the junction at the bottom of the steepest bit!) and turned right into Milnrow and Firgrove to take us back to Kingsway, where we followed our outward route back through Castleton and on to Middleton, passing the MCC club room to the Middleton roundabout by the lovely shiny new Middleton Arena, which was opened not so long ago by Steve Redgrave and where, according to Simon, the water in the pool is rather cold.

I bid farewell to Welly as he went straight across the roundabout to head back to his wife while I went through a bit of Grotsville to get back to Kenyon Lane where I followed my outward route exactly until I reached Phillip's Park and turned off to head to my moms for a lovely roast pork dinner and then home.

Whilst at Hollingworth Lake we got talking to a fellow cyclist (mtber) who noticed my wheels were still muddy after Wednesday's Whaley Bridge ride, and he was asking me where I ride etc. I told him that I take Everest off road onto tracks and trails provided they're not too rooty, gnarly or crap. He said that I should get an mtb (if I had the cash I would) and went on to say that he has an mtb frame that I can have for free provided it's the right size of course! Obviously, I'd need to buy the components etc, but that can be done cheaply on eBay, Amazon and at bike fairs etc. naturally I snapped his hand off for it, gave him my mobile number and asked him to phone me once he's measured it up. At 6:55pm I got a call from the Bike Man to say the frame is a woman's one (I dunno whether it's an older design one or not and didn't ask), he'd measured it and it comes out at 18" - I can ride Paul's Scott happily and that's a 17.5" frame, so the 18 would be a tad better for me. He then asked me if I could change tyres, which I thought as odd seeing as it's just a frame I'm getting; it seems there may be some wheels with the frame. It may be that he's kind enough to give me a complete bike.

Anyway, he's bringing it round to me tonight, so we shall see from there. It could need a bloomin good service, it may be falling apart or in bits, or it could be a fab freebie. I'll let y'all know soon.

Stats - view route
Hot, muggy, sticky, cloudy yet still fab
Average speed: 13.4mph
Miles: 35.61
Climbed: 705ft


  1. Congrats on getting out.

    Give me a big list of the parts you need for the MTB and I will try and help out with a few of them. Yours for the cost of the postage.

  2. Wow free bike, I've never had one of those!

  3. Thanks RB. You ready?

    Handlebars, stem, seatpost, cranks, pedals, saddle.

    I'll measure the diameters of the stuff when i get back to her later today.

  4. Handlebars - yes
    Stem - yes
    Seatpost - probably
    Pedals - No, sorry
    saddle - probably not, have to check.

  5. Trio you win enough stuff as it is!

  6. She does doesn't she?!?!

    Any bits will be greatly received. I'll get the diamters etc to you asap....providing I manage to do it right that is.

    Tank ain't that bad for a freebie is she?