Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Easy pootle

Seeing as the sun was shining when I woke up early, I threw on the cycle gear and practically bounced out of my place for an easy ride. I opted for an easy ride on a route I know extremely well, with just a few tweaks to keep it fresh. The main tweak being a little bit more off road stuff along a portion of the Jericho Trail.

Stats - view route
Maximum speed: 31mph
Average speed: 13.9mph
Miles: 11.92
Climbed: 256ft
Time taken: 50 minutes


  1. Keep clocking up those base miles and i'm sure you'll be ready for another '300 mile per month' challange in July, maybe even re-joining Trios century a month challange?

  2. What time were you out, I rode past your flat on the way to and from work today!

  3. Trio - I'm not 100% sure! I think it was probably about 9ish.

    Red Bike - in July I'll get a century anyway cos I'll be riding the Mcr - Blackpool! I'm hoping to start again on the century challenge this summer, but I won't be too concerned if I don't yet.