Monday, 1 June 2009

May review

Seeing as I've only been back on the bike since May 10 I don't really expect my stats to be that great for May, so here goes:

Distance covered: 137.42 miles
Days ridden: 6
Hill repeats/climbs: 4 sessions
Middleton CC Club Ride: yeah 31/5
Chorlton Wanderers Ride: nope

The century-a-month challenge I began with Trio in January has fallen by the wayside, purely because at the moment I doubt I can ride that distance without some pain or extreme energy loss.
However, despite that I am happy with the progress for this month. Although I'm not riding up Hartshead Pike every week, I am using the hill Trio recommended almost every time I ride regardless of where my route has taken me.

June should be a better month for me as I'm now getting back into the riding, I now know I can ride up to 50 miles without dying and i have fortnightly appointments I can ride to each time.

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