Monday, 22 June 2009

Monday meander

My weekend passed by without even getting on the bike and after last nights events I wasn't sure I'd be able to today, but I gritted my teeth, ignored the pain, forced my gloves on and got out. It had to be a short ride as if I got a flat I wouldn't have been able to fix it given the state of my thumb and the fact I couldn't (and still can't) really use it properly, if at all.

The ride followed one of my common, just out for a quick un routes - into Ashton, through Bardsley to Daisy Nook and back home via the Jericho Trail and Littlemoss.

Every jolt sent waves of pain through my thumb and steering ended up being a one-handed affair near the end, but miles are miles and one little ride adds to the mileage I'm building up no matter how short it is.

Stats -
Lovely and warm though very cloudy and a little drizzly
Maximum speed: 23.9mph
Average speed: 12.8mph
Miles: 12.50
Climbed: 118ft


  1. Have I missed something, whats wrong with your thumb?

    Perhaps you could use a set of tri-bars for a bit? At least this way you can do the Manchester-Blackpool run relativly comfortably.

  2. Did I miss something?

    Last nights events?

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  4. No you've not missed anything exciting.
    On Sunday night I got a really nasty bee sting in the tip of my thumb (felt something on my neck, reached to get it off and unknowingly grabbed it with my forefinger on it's head and thumb on it's a**e, and it squeezed every last drop of venom into my thumb).
    The thumb reacted very badly and swelled up massive and was excruciating. It took 48hrs for the venom to leave my bloodstream and the swelling to go down, but at one point I couldn't bend the thumb at any of its joints.

    Last bee sting I got was when I was 5. You kinda forget exactly how painful they can be!