Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I've finally managed to book my place on the Manchester to Blackpool ride for 12th July. I've repeated what I did last year - picking the earliest possible start time, thereby giving me plenty of time to get to Blackpool before the last coach leaves to head back at 5:30. not that I'm expecting it to take me 10hrs!

I'm hoping to replicate my 2008 time of 4:15 or thereabouts; at the slowest I'd expect 5hrs.

I have another month before I ride the event, so I'll just keep on doing what I currently am doing as that is working a treat for me. The route has no major hills, the worst thing being a climb once out of Euxton that I managed last time so should have no problems this time.


  1. I've just found the route on Bikey.

    60ish miles and a mere 3000ft of climbing - Keep clocking up the miles this month and I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Are you going to ride to the start and back to get your century in?
    You only need an extra 3/4 miles to get your 100km

  2. I'll defo be riding to the start anyway as it's only 6 miles. Not sure whether I'll ride from the drop-off point to home again afterwards, but if I do it'll be another 6 miles. Roughly speaking I'll be riding about 70 miles that day.

    Last years route was this one - - mapmyride has it at only 700ish ft of climbing. Dunno which one to believe! It did feel like there was a lot of constant uphill sections, though they weren't particularly evil.