Thursday, 18 June 2009


You may notice that I keep a running total of my mileage (whether blogged about or not) over there -----> you may also notice that it has seemed to leap up a fair bit recently. that's because while blogging rides, I've forgotten to update that total section! Whoops!!

It should be current and up to date now.


  1. 709miles, Eeek! I haven't added mine up (daren't now) but I wont have done that many. You've got a bad pelvis and you've still done far more this month.

    How do you know how far you've gone on the track? You're not allowed a computer on the bike, are you?

  2. Lol! Bear in mind 45.78 miles was walking so it's really only 663.22 miles of cycling.

    I've had a computer on my track bike since I bought it - can't miss it either as it's a biggish one on the stem. Quite a few riders use them on there. I think they're allowed on cos we're not going at warp speed!

  3. i hope you'll be less tardy in the future ;)
    ....what's the distance of 1 track lap?

  4. Manchester Velodrome is 250m, so lots of laps were ridden on that single ride there! I think I was riding like a lunatic on that day ;o)