Tuesday, 30 June 2009

June review

June turned out to be quite a good month for cycling; especially seeing as it's only my 2nd month after getting the all clear to ride again.

Distance covered: 226.83 miles
Days ridden: 10
Areas covered: High Peak, Oldham, Ashton, edge of Yorkshire.
Middleton CC: yeah, 28/6
Chorlton Wanderers: nope
Hill climbs/repeats: 1 specific, others were as part of hilly routes.

I'm happy with the progress so far: if you think that I managed 137.42 miles in May, I've gained another 89ish miles over the extra few days.

July will bring me back into play in Trio's century rides as it's Manchester to Blackpool on the 12th and that's a minimum of 65 miles for me. Hopefully I'll up the miles too to try and bring it nearer to 300 for the month.


  1. A mileage increase next month even though some rides will be on the MTB?

  2. glad to hear all is going well. look forward to reading about your century :)

  3. RB - I'm not overly convinced there'll be many miles on the mtb seeing as she weighs a tonne! But I'll see how it goes. The road miles will still be up there like June hopefully.

    Kate - Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting back into the metric century; I've been taking it slowly and easing myself into the miles - the two biggest rides since the all clear have been hilly ones, so Mcr-BPool should be easy(ish).