Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Soul Selling

I had the thrill of an interview/induction today for a company that sounded great. Out came the work clothes, boots were polished and I even made an effort with the make-up. I arrived early as per usual and had a brew while waiting for the person to arrive.

After receiving a call saying he was going to be late as a business critical problem had occurred, I settled down with a good book - Tolkein's biography.

After several more drinks the interview got under way. Blah, blah, blah - all was going well. Blah, blah, cold calling, blah - eh? Blah, blah, must have ...sales each day...blah, blah. Say what?!
Cold calling, imperative sales??????? Erm, what started out well ended up making my blood run cold; I'd worked in sales for 3 years, both cold calling and inbound and hated it with a passion!

It seems my personal advisor hadn't been told that this job was a sales job or he'd not have offered me the interview cos he knows I'd rather sell my soul to the devil!

Oh well! I'll just have to keep looking.


  1. Hello again Lost.
    How funny,I have read Tolkein's
    biography within the last year also. We'll have to start a post with all the great books we have read listed on it, or something like a top ten desert island discs, using books, movies and music. Hmmmmmm.
    Good luck in the job search.
    Paul. GG

  2. Still an interview is always good practice!

  3. GG - if I started something like that it'd take me forever to comment: I currently have approx 400 books at home, a lot of which I could class as favourites!!

    Trio - I guess so. It seems to be the getting to interview that I have the problems with; GMP said my interview technique is fab, so no worries there.

    Both - thanks guys :oD