Thursday, 28 May 2009

Appointment rides!

Seeing as I had an appointment in Ashton at 9:30 this morning, I though better of getting the bus which would take me anywhere up to 40 minutes due to roadworks for the metrolink causing havoc (it's going to be passing my place with a stop directly over the road from me), so I rode to the appointment instead. I also wanted to try out my windshell seeing as it was a little chilly out.
After leaving my place and getting onto the A662 very easily (despite it still being rush hour) thanks to a HGV that stopped the traffic for me, I had a fab fast ride for a couple of miles, seeing as I could weave my way past the traffic getting clogged up at the huge holes in the road. As I neared Ashton I noticed my chain was jumping a little. Each time it decided to play up I was pulling away from lights and pushing really hard; the chain jumped before I even got my other foot clipped in, so it would frequently slip off the pedal resulting in a few painful sudden drops onto the saddle for me (ouch) and watery eyes. After the third time I decided enough was enough and pulled over to sort it out - it was proving very hard to find anywhere to stop earlier due to being on the portion of road that is stupidly fast-paced and joins the motorway very close to where I was.

After hoicking Everest onto her saddle and playing the chain a bit, I realised what had caused the problem. When I wash her, I always take the wheels off to wash them separately and to ensure she gets a thorough clean. When I put her back together after her last wash, I'd obviously not pulled the rear wheel back far enough for the chain to be correct, so obviously the playing up was due to the chain being a little lax. Easy enough to sort out anyway!

It did mean I looked a little grubby when I got to my appointment though.

Afterwards i didn't want to come straight home, so carried on with the route I did on Tuesday 19th but with a tweak - I would ride up the very evil hill that is partway along Oldham Rd by Bardsley.

So, after 7 miles of undulations I pushed myself into riding up the 20% Bardsley Hill. Sadly I didn't time myself, but I don't think it took me too long. After that, it was to be very muddy as I took Everest through Daisy Nook and Medlock Vale before my usual hill climb attempt.

This hill may not look much - it may not even look like a hill - but it's an evil thing that drains you of energy while you push away and wonder why it feels so hard!

Once home I noticed that both myself and Everest was very mud-splattered - had to clean Everest before I took her into my place.

Stats view route
Cool, very drizzly, warming up rapidly
Maximum speed: 59.7 apparantly!
Average speed: 11.9
Miles: 16.61
Climbed: 371ft

Bardsley Hill view hill
Miles: 0.12
Climbed: 72ft at 20% max

Hill climb
Maximum speed: 10.3
Average speed: 6
Miles: 0.44
Climbed: 102ft at 19% max
Time: 2.20 mins


  1. The road in that picture is 20% seriously?

    It doesn't even look like a hill!

  2. It's a max of 20%. it doesn't really look like much of a hill when you're actually on it either. It's one of those sneaky hills that lull you into a false sense of security!