Sunday, 10 May 2009

Everest Liberation

Say Hurrah! Everest got liberated today and she got to play out!

After all the pondering I've been doing since Doc said I can ride again and, what with all the crummy weather, when I saw today's forecast I just thought if I'm gonna get out and try riding again, now would be a good shot.

So after a little bit of faffing about I set off and immediately headed in the direction I usually do - towards Daisy Nook and up Littlemoss and Newmarket Rds. Once at the crossroads I had to do a fast bit of thinking - do I feel strong enough to go straight across and up Wilshaw Lane with it's nasty kick in it, or go a little out of the way and head up Cranbourne? Just as the lights changed to green Everest decided she wanted to go the slightly easier route (isn't she good to me?).

Once on Lees Rd (in the rain) with Hartshead Pike looming on the hill in front of me, I chose to go through Park Bridge down the steep twisting lane - nothing like that road to ensure you get over your fear of turning left (was turning left when I got hit by the car in Feb). Once through the lanes there and back onto Ashton Rd I took Everest for a spin in the mud through Daisy Nook and to the visitor centre for a bite to eat.

While at the centre Everest found herself in lust with a Spesh Stumpy while I fed the squirrel that lives in the woods there.

After a breather I set off in the mud again to Crime Lake, past a few friendly fellows (horses) and up the hill there to cross the M60 and head through Failsworth and down to the railway crossing at Berry Brow. Annoyingly I only remembered the crossing was closed today when I got down the bugger of a hill to it. So begrudgingly I had to turn tail and climb back up it and find an alternative route to get to the other side of the crossing.The alternative took me to the far side of Clayton Vale (Medlock Vale) for another off road section. Everest and her new tyres coped brilliantly and all too soon I was at the point I wanted to be - my hill repeat section. Although I knew I was badly unfit, I thought I'd still give it a shot and did rather well. You'll see how well when you view the stats.

Although I've not ridden since February, I'm a little unsure whether I'm happy or not with my average speed on this ride as you can see from the look on my face! On the brighter side my pelvis didn't hurt at all and the legs only struggled half the time.

The route can be seen on mapmyride - main route & the hill

Stats -
Cool, light winds, rain
Max speed: 26mph
Average speed: 11.2mph
Miles: 16.26

Hill stats -
Max speed: 10.6mph
Average speed: 7.4mph
Miles: 0.25
85ft of climbing (max 17% gradient)


  1. Yey, glad you're back out riding again.

    17% hill climbs and off-road cyclo-x style action on your first ride back?

  2. Hello Lost Sheep,
    I am very happy to see that you are back on your bike, I'm sure you are thrilled to be going faster than a walking pace too.
    Be careful out there and keep up the wonderful posts and pictures.
    Best to you,

  3. Glad you got out for a ride.

  4. Great to have you back in the land of two wheels. You must be delighted. Its onwards and upwards from here.

  5. RB - I must be mad I know, but they're routes I've ridden loads of times, so felt safe and confident on them.

    GG - Yeah, I'm glad I'm faster than a walking pace, but am mystified as I thought I'd be alot slower than I was: I was out of action for 3.5 months. maybe all the walking helped maintain it.

    SL - Sure am. I have til 12 July (first event)to get fitter and faster for the Mcr-Blackpool and want to hammer my previous time for it!

    Trio & Philip - thanks guys :oD

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  7. Yay! Must feel good getting out on the bike again.

  8. It felt sooo good! Just gotta up the pace and distance to get back to how I used to ride, but that's no biggy right now.