Thursday, 28 May 2009

I Wonder

Having read quite a few cycling blogs I've noticed that a lot of people base their average speed on what it reads on the pc when they look down at it, rather than the speed it ends up reading due to stops, slowing down for lights etc. Is this a more realistic way of doing it?

If so, what seems to be rather slow on my readings would actually be a fair bit higher - I'm usually around 17mph when I look down at the pc and rarely below 14 unless I'm trying to get up those darn hills or slowing to a halt at lights.

What say you? What is your average based on - the actual reading off pc including the slowing down etc, or the average you're at when you look down at the pc?


  1. My Garmin gives me two averages. The overall average, which includes all stops and the moving average which doesn't include stops for traffic lights, T-junctions etc.

    When you're stationary (0mph) for more than 10 seconds the 'clock' is paused. It still registers slowing down crawling up hills etc. Unless I stop somewhere on route, like a cafe, then there's rarely a huge difference between the two.

    I tend to use the moving average speed. Most bike computers that automatically stop/start will give you a moving average rather than an overall average.

  2. Does it really Matter.
    With so many variable such as terrain, wind, bike etc I use my average heart rate to determine how I have ridden

  3. Average over the whole ride. The other is meaningless! Hard to know when you look down if it is an accurate relfection at all. This is the average most people consider you should use.

  4. My average in my stats is the average speed on the cycle computer at the end of the ride. This does not include big stops i.e. a cup of tea on Box Hill, but does include all the slowing due to traffic or traffic lights and junctions. I often list ride time as well.

    Obviously on sportives, your time includes everything so that is the true test.

  5. Red Bikes, Trio, Simon - that's what I usually use. It just seems a little contradictory when I read other peoples blogs (who shall remain nameless)and they put times excluding alowing down etc.

    I wasn't planning on changing it, just wanted to query what others do :oD

    Phillip - I don't have a hrm so just tend to go off how I feel. Twas all a query, nowt serious.

    All - thanks for your imput.