Friday, 15 May 2009


As mentioned a while back I'm now back on the job hunt market. Today was a fine example of such a day -

I've filled in 15 application forms (by hand!)
Emailed 5 companies with my CV & cover letter
Filled in 3 online apps
Gone boggle-eyed
Got a very numb butt
And my knees feel like they've been kicked by a donkey!

What's the betting that I get not one reply back?! :oD


  1. Knees, butt ache, boggle-eyed?
    -You find sitting at a desk for a few hours bad?

    15 applications forms in one day, seriously? It used to take me hours to fill out one!

  2. At my brother's PC yeah cos it's not set up for me, so I have to shift loads of stuff to get half settled.
    When I was working I'd follow the law of health and safety - get away from the desk for a few minutes every hour. I find it harder to do when I'm at home as I just tend to plough away and not look at the time!

    I've become a nit of a pro at filling them in now - easily done 1000 over the past year.