Thursday, 14 May 2009

Is this really safe?

While on my way to an appointment I decided to head along Robert Sheldon Way towards the huge Ikea building at the Ashton end of the road.

As i was wandering I came across these fellows and he got me thinking. Is it really safe to be putting sculptures along an always busy dual carriageway? There are seven sculptures in total (the others can be seen here) and they represent the local leisure interests and facilities.

One of the sculptures is located by the side of one of the huge roundabouts that are along this carriageway. I know if I was on my bike along here, I'd be peeking at them, so what's to stop the drivers doing it?

Granted, I like the sculptures, but I just think that they may have been better placed - you can tell these are on such a busy road in the shot of the footballer - he's behind a barrier you get on motorways!


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