Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday Fun

I had planned on cycling on Friday, but decided to go for a wee wander instead. But I'm glad I did.

I set off towards Berry brow and past the Millstream Animal Shelter heading up towards Woodhouses via the narrow, twisty lanes that climb up Medlock Road and past centuries old cottages with very sweet names: Rose Cottage, Pear Cottage, Christmas Cottage, Clayton View.

Once at the top of the hill and into Woodhouses proper I came across a little building that looked like it was a little church or sunday school (although I'm not convinced of this seeing as there is a church at the other end of the road and the village doesn't seem big enough to warrant 2 churches).

A stint in Daisy Nook followed this on road section. Lots of Mama Ducks were around with their broods, including a Coot leading out a brood of Moorhens!
Sadly the old Pinch Farm has been left to fall apart and is now a dangerous derelict building. Only the old iron bridge over the canal is still in good shape. Take a look here to see the farm in all its glory.

Further along the canal is the ford and wooden bridge by Sammy's Basin and the old locks descending down to the Dark Tunnel and the Yellow Bridge area. I turned off just by the side of Sammy's Basin to enter the woods and follow the valley down to the stone slab bridge over the Medlock and then climb back up the valley side to bring me out by the Yellow Bridge (where it used to be anyway).

Once I'd had a brew at the visitor centre I crossed over Stannybrook Rd and set off along the Jericho Trail to pass Cinderland Hall Farm and follow the route of the now defunct Hollinwood Canal. The main portion of the canal that is 'open' water is that in Daisy Nook; once on the Jericho Trail there is some water but it's very full with reeds so there's no water fowl about, but there is still plenty of wildlife.
Sadly as I was walking along here, my memory card became full so I ran out of space for pictures.

This portion of the canal brought me out in Littlemoss by the Railway Pub and gave a pleasant walk through Greenside to the fiveways roundabout and through Sunnybank Park and later Seymour Rd Park to my moms.

Stats - view route
Sunny, clear, hot, gentle breeze
Miles: 7.5
Climbed: 180ft

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