Friday, 8 May 2009


Since being discharged from the Fracture Clinic it means that I can now get back to looking for a new job - what fun!

I found it bad enough before the recession in looking for a new place to work with only 3 interviews (Greater Manchester Police, GP surgery and M.O.D being the nice guys) out of hundreds of applications.

I've always had the problem of generally being over qualified for jobs I go for; when I worked in bars/restaurants I applied for a job as Manager of a lovely little listed pub near the place I was working. I got an interview and all was hunky-dory until they asked how long I'd been in the industry. It seems my 8yrs was way too many years for them as they wanted someone they could train up from scratch!

The same has happened since I changed careers. Having worked a year of Facilities Management was great, but I've been finding that every place I look they want less time in the industry. And that was before the recession hit!

Still, I've got plenty of experience of filling in application forms. hey, maybe I should do that for a living?


  1. Good luck with the job search. Keep going and you'll find something. Cheers, Simon

  2. Hello Lost
    I hope you find something soon, there's nothing worse than being jobless and adrift. Keep your chin up and keep excersising so your hip gets better and you can ride again. On a side note, I read in one of your earlier entries that you used to dance. My wife is a former ballerina and dance teacher and she now has terrible pains in her hips from years of turn out and jumping, so, a word to the wise....take it easy, recover slowly and enjoy good health as you get older.
    All the best to you

  3. I'm sure you'll get a job soon. You seem to be doing alright without one.

  4. RB - it's a little tough cos I'm having to live off 45 quid each wk (some of my JSA goes on rent cos I don't get it all paid for me). It could be worse I guess, but it's certainly tough when your annual income doesn't get above 4k!

    GG - dance is something I miss badly. but I wouldn't go back to it now as i'm too beat up and falling apart ;o)