Thursday, 16 July 2009

Test run

After getting my docs advice I decided that today would be a good day to go for a short ride and test out my knee and also the new bibshorts I received yesterday. So I set off on an easy ride to Daisy Nook. Nothing exciting happened really apart from having workmen in a HGV behind me stare at my butt and others working on the tramway works make strange noises as I rode past them!

The knee coped fine with no pain at all and the shorts were snug to the point of not even being able to tell I was wearing any, they fitted like a second skin and were uber comfortable. Hurrah!

Stats -
Patchy cloud, muggy, warm
Average speed: 13.2mph
Miles: 11.96
Climbed: 154ft


  1. Glad to hear the knee held up.

  2. Maybe they were staring as you had forgot your shorts ;-)

  3. Lol! The thought that they may have split crossed my mind, so for the next few metres I was feeling my butt all over to check they hadn't!!