Saturday, 11 July 2009

All set

It's the Manchester to Blackpool ride tomorrow. I've got my bike set up and ready, my kit is all set up and ready with my rider number pinned to my jersey. All I have to do now is try to find my blasted debit card as I need to have money to take with me for food at the end int he Solaris Centre and the bloody thing has gone walkies. Grr!

The weather is looking pretty good with a little rain, lots of cloud though, so it'll either just keep raining or it'll be muggy. Either way, myself and the 5500+ other riders will have a blast, although I am hoping that people don't fall onto me like last year at a huge roundabout on the A6 heading to Preston!


  1. I CANT believe it has come around so soon, Im scared yet excited all at the same time.Good luck

  2. You'll do great. By all accounts that I've read, you're passing Joby quite a bit AND on the DH. You'll find this a breeze.


  3. :O)

    Hope you got through it OK!

    I'll be there next year!

  4. I sure did Joby. Even beat last years time, despite not being fully fit yet!