Thursday, 23 July 2009

Riders wanted

Middleton CC's July Club Run takes place Sunday 26th July and heads out through Littlemoss, Ashton, Mossley and Uppermill before heading up Holmfirth Rd to Marsden.

The most likely route we'll take will be this one. The return leg may be the outward route in reverse or it may come back through Bleak Hey Nook. That will be decided on the day. The start of the main climb is indicated by the 'mountains' logo on the map.

If anyone wants to join in they can. (Joby, Gaz, Emma it'd be good hill practice for anything in the Manchester 100). Anyone can come and ride it with us, even if it's simply so you can ride an alternative route to that you normally do, with somebody else navigating, or so you can ride as part of a group. Whatever you choose.

If you do want to join in, we'll be meeting outside the Mancehster Velodrome at around 9:30am (try to get there a little early if poss) by the stairs to the main entrance (where you'd go in to watch an event). If possible, email me (contact details on my profile page) to let me know you're coming and I will personally meet you at the start point.

See you there!


  1. Ouch! Too late a notice for me otherwise I would have pootled along!


  2. Hey Pimp your ride!!! I like it. THe more the merrier. COunt me in :P

  3. Crimmey I'd expect you there anyway seeing as you're in the club! ;oP besides who else would chase Pantani up the Isle of Skye??!!

    Joby - shame about the timing. i shall remember next time to let peeps know a little more in advance. How you fixed for August 30th? The ride then would be to Sowerby bridge, so along similar lines of hilliness as this months.

  4. I'll be in Newquay with my bike!

  5. You jammy sod! I can ride most times, so if you're free at any point and want to ride last years route, or any of the ones my club do lemme know!