Thursday, 16 July 2009

Knee news

After Tuesday's exploits on the moor resulted in my knee really hurting, I decided it'd be good to go see my doc about it - I have to be very careful about this knee now after what had happened in 2004.
After fracturing the tibial plateau in a sustained attack in 2004 I have been left with stage 2 arthritis in my right knee and a 'step' in the rear of my patella, which obviously shouldn't be there. My consultant decided against more surgery on that knee as to remove said step could rupture the kneecap completely. My surgeon also advised that any further injury to the knee would result in my needing a full knee replacement, which at the age of 30 isn't particularly good as I'd need them frequently.

Anyway, I managed to get to see my doc on Wednesday and explained to her what had happened both in 2004 and Tuesday. She examined the knee, doing all the usual torture tactics that docs love to do to knees and said there's no excess fluid in there which is a good sign. I told her about the step on the patella and she agreed with my theory - that the cartilage had caught on the step as I was descending causing the searing pain and once it was released from it's trap (at the bottom of the hill) it was loads easier.

So good news all round really. I was anticipating another trip to my surgeon and another op, maybe something major. Doc advised I keep on as normal and only go to the surgeon if the pain returns. So I carried on normally!


  1. Knees so clever and yet so vunerable! Glad its fine!

  2. That they are. Mine was compromised from birth, but having the kneecap not track properly for several months as an 11yr old and then the incident...I guess mu knee is a hell of a lot more buggered than it should be at my age and given the conditions of the sport I do, sigh......can't complain really though as it's doing well :oD