Friday, 24 July 2009

Hills, hills, and maybe more hills

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, I decided that I would go for a ride and use quite a few of the hilly roads I know. They may not be huge climbs, or long climbs, but to me they're still climbs and climbs are what I need to get better at.

So I incorporated them into a 31.19 mile route I rode. The climbs I've noted here are generally above 5%. Like I say, they're not huge, they're probably something that most of you will think nothing off and ride all the time without even noticing the road rise.

These are in the order I rode them:

Berry Brow - 46ft in 0.12 mile. Max gradient 20%. Average 12%.
Medlock Vale - 85ft in 0.25 mile. Maximum gradient 19%. Average 10%.
Vicarage - 33ft in 0.22 mile. Max gradient 9%. Average 4%.
Gorsey Lane - 52ft in 0.19 mile. Max gradient 13%. Average 6 or 7%.
Mossley Rd - 157ft in 0.88 mile. Max gradient 6%. Average 5%.
Broadcarr - 115ft in 0.47 mile. Max gradient 12%. Average 8%.
Mossley - 164ft in 0.5 mile. Max gradient 17%. Average 10%.
Luzley - 109ft in 0.39 mile. Max gradient 15%. Average 14%.
Rose Hill - 79ft in 0.42 mile. Max gradient 9%. Average 6%.
Mill Brow - 131ft in 0.33 mile. Max gradient 20%. Average 10%.
Bardsley - 72ft in 0.17 mile. Max gradient 20%. Average 19%.
Stannybrook - 46ft in 0.1 mile. Max gradient 20%. Average 14%.

As you can see none of these are over 1 mile in length, merely kicks in the road (albeit sharp kicks) however 6 months ago 10% was my limit for a short sharp climb. So something is going right somewhere!

Stats -
Warm, muggy and eventually wet
Average speed: 13.2mph
Miles: 31.19
Climbed: 1063ft


  1. Very good training that, you'll be beating pantani and myself on sunday! He hates hills too though. No turning back this time!!!

  2. Somehow I don't think I'll be beating you or Pantani up the Isle of Skye. It's the worst hill I've ever tried to get up. 1001ft of climbing in 5.65miles!

    The last time I rode that hill, i didn't even manage 1 mile of it!! It's the beginning that's the killer as it's averaging about 15% then 11%. I'm thinking of getting there the back route!

  3. Yet more hill practice, 31miles of it too!

    You're going to find Brian Rourkes ride a piece of cake in comparison.

  4. Ah, but these hills were only little ones! i can mountain goat up little ones. It's the big long ones that scare me!

    I guess Sunday's club run will tell me whether I can manage long climbs or not. Having said that though, if i go the planned route there'd be 1001ft of climbing in 5 miles, if i go the back route there'd be 692ft in 6 miles of climbing. Mmmm. Choices choices!

  5. The Cat and Fiddle, which seems to be your main worry, wouldn't even feature on that list of climbs.

    Apparently according to

    The 'Cat' is 16km long and climbs just 340m. That gives it an average gradient of only 2.1% !

    If your powering up 20% climbs and hill training reguarly you should find it a walk in the park.

  6. Bloody hell. I thought I had it hard on Saturday - some of those climbs are whopping.

  7. Ah, but they were only little (short) hills Joby, I just about have the leg power to get up them. It's the long slow climbs that are the killers cos they're just never ending!