Saturday, 18 October 2008

Rain, rain go away......

...and preferably don't come back for a while!

Ah, the season of raining water and leaves is well and truly upon us, making cycle rides much more fun and for Amy it makes her cyclo-cross miles more muddy and interesting!

I've been really good and not done any riding for a few days so that my knee should be ok for a lovely Cheshire ride tomorrow with the MCC club ride the week after. At this point in time, neither myself or my brother know where we'll be heading tomorrow, but it should be a fun day out with nobody pushing the pace hard; we've just got to hope for decent(ish) weather.

Now, if only I could remember how that sun dance went........


  1. Hi Anna, found you via Trio's chocolate week roll call. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for nice weather in your part of the world. You weather could be suitably described as HOT CHOCOLATE weather. :-)

  2. Hi Grrover. It was a case of hot chocolate weather, but it was a fab day with no rain, hurrah!!

  3. Whoops! It's help if I managed to spell properly. Sorry bout the miss-spelt name Groover :oO