Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Politics.....baaaaaa humbug!

What with all the political rallies going on in the US and our lot backstabbing each other, this really sums up my thoughts about politics!

Enough of that bleating.......back to today. The aim was to get out to do the ride that I didn't get to do on Monday - Hartshead Pike, but again when I got over there it didn't look great weatherwise up there, so tried to do the alternative route; that didn't quite go to plan either.
The first lane the route goes down has a farm on it - well, the farm is kinda ether side of the road - and when I got near it I found a tractor blocking the road; obviously the farmer was transferring stuff from one side to the other and had just parked there while doing something. Rather than waiting for him to move, I backtracked and decided I'd do some sprint training on the dual carriageway (it is allowed) between Ashton town centre and the Snipe retail park. So off I went hurtling along happy as larry. Got up some good speed too - even braved the horrid huge roundabouts along there, which I'm happy about given that I was millimetres from being hit at a dinky roundabout days before the track championship, and that'd shook me up a little.

It wasn't a big ride, but I got out there and did what I had to do and feel better for it.

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Boring bit:
Temperature - 13 degrees
Max speed - 28mph
Average speed - 13mph
Mileage - 12.01 miles


  1. I'll leave the dual carriageways to you! They are my least favorite roads!

  2. They're not my favourtie thing either - unless I want to be flattened woolly jumper!
    I just use them to get sprinting practise when I can't get sown to the velo.