Monday, 13 October 2008

Are we having a late Indian summer?!

The weather was gorgeous this morning - just perfect for a ride, so I headed out with all intentions of going to Hartshead Pike, but it all went a little bit wrong!

I set off through Daisy nook towards Ashton with the sun beating (well, trying to) down, but by the time I got to the road to take me to the Pike I couldn't see the top of it due to low lying mist, so a change of direction was the order of the day.

I turned off towards Park Bridge - excellent decision: narrow, twisty roads with some steep descents. Perfect. That is until I came nose to radiator grille with a truck trundling up the hill I was hurtling down! As this road has few passing places and is only just wide enough for the truck, I had to turn around and haul ass back to the top and eagerly wait to go again. This time success. It proved so much fun I just had to do it again.

By the time I got round to the turning again, the Pike & the hill it stands on were completely veiled by the mist. Back on the descent, I managed to hit a pocket of mist, although I'm convinced it was a very lost cloud, as I hit it dry and was totally wet when I came out the other side!

On the way home I managed to tuck in behind a British Cycling car and kept pace with it, so I got in a good mile or so of sprinting. Kept getting funny looks too; though I think that it's down to my Middleton CC strip as it has been mistaken for the British team strip before - well, it is red, white and blue with union jacks on it!!

The boring bit:
Temperature - 15 degrees
Max Speed - 27mph
Average Speed - 14.7mph


  1. Do we not get distance travelled as well as average speed, I am a geek you know!

  2. Did I not put that on?! Whoops! It was 15.93 miles.