Sunday, 1 November 2009

October review

Again, it has been a fairly good month:

Distance covered: 210.35 miles
Elevation gained: 7428ft

Days ridden: 11 (some night rides in amongst that)
Middleton CC: yep - to Ramsbottom
Events: 0

Still not doing any hill reps as most of my longer rides now seem to incorporate hillier routes and I feel stronger on the climbs. My monthly elevation total is averaging out quite nicely now too.

Granted, due to the inclement weather that has now hit us very hard today, the next few months may well have a lot less riding in them. But, I will try to get out there and do what I can.


  1. You can't deny that 200 miles in a month is good going. I'm lucky if I do 50 these days... Well done!

  2. True. Compared to the other months it is down though. But, then I have got my voluntary work and have been trying to ride with pelvis and shoulder pain, so I guess I should be happy.