Monday, 16 November 2009

Enforced leave

Humph! I'm not happy! At all! I'm forcing myself to have a week off the bike.

I've been having loads of problems with my knee ever since the tibial plateau was fractured in 2004 leaving a perma-buggered knee, a non-removable 'step' in the rear of the patella and stage 2 arthritis. Problems such as constant niggles, dull aches most of the time, creaking (much more than is normal in healthy knees and also more than is anticipated with my genetic joint condition) etc.

In recent months this has progressed into having approximately half the week with sharp pain when bending the knee and/or the occasional searing pain.

Within the past week this has progressed even more into extreme sickening searing pains both at the old fracture site and deep within my knee and both while awake and during the night (keeping me awake at night and/or making me snooze with a bucket by the side of the bed.

Things came to a head last night while using my pc and having both the searing pain and a dead feeling in the same joint, often at the same time. After chatting to my mom bout it, she suggested going to A&E which I knew would be pointless, as the last time I went with my knee problem I was bounced from pillar to post before getting to see my consultant again months later.
So, I'll be trying to get in to see my GP and ask for a referral to Mr Samarji. The last time I saw Mr Samarji he was talking more surgery if things don't really stay the same or improve. Maybe now is the time for that to happen.

It's kind of a Catch-22 situation: I want rid of the pain as it's horrid and often makes my leg just give way completely so having more surgery would be great in that respect. But, I was told at the time of the injury that further injury (of which there has been 2 instances) will more than likely result in a total knee replacement, which at my age isn't great as the hardware would need replacing more frequently. Hmm, constant vomit-inducing pain or frequent surgery? Choices, choices.

First things first - get in to see Doc Dean and no other doc, cos I don't want to be dismissed again like I was a few months ago.


  1. Will something like cortizone injections in the knee not help ease the pain?

    Not that I'm a doctor :p

  2. Ekkk!

    Time for two or three MONTHS off the bike before you're forced off the bike for good.
    (Mind you I have seen a one legged courier rider. )

    Take care of yourself for once. There's far too many posts on this blog about injuries!
    Nobody wants to see you hurt.

  3. Knee pain is rubbish! I'm lucky that cycling and some strength work sorted out a lot of my problems. But know too many people who have ignored knees and paid for it later.

    Hope some rest helps.

  4. Its not quite the same I know, but I had a bad shoulder for years, terrible pain, constantly. Eventually I had the whole joint completely replaced, the result was fantastic, better than new and absolutely no pain. That was seven years ago, the estimate at the time was 12-15 years till it wore out again, but I am not worrying about it. I have full movement and strength in it. The doc told me this kind of joint replacement is fantastic for pain relief.

    Not sure this helps you, but good luck at the docs.

  5. Joby - already had them. They can only last so long and won't always relieve the symptoms. They're also not very pleasant to have as you can feel the needle going right into the centre of the joint - it feels disgusting. My GP surgery can't do them, so it'd mean a trip to the MRI which is a long way to go for it.

    Red - the shoulder problems are a lifelong thing to do with my genetic problem, so we can discount that one as an injury ;o) The knee thing was a result of a wanker boyfriend who didn't like being dumped.
    I think it is at the point now where something really needs to be done. Hopefully.

    Richard - That's along the lines of how my knee is getting to be now. Although it is major surgery, it is something that I hope will be done. I was told 4yrs ago for a knee joint it'd be about 5-6 yrs before it wears out, and that was dependent on my not doing so much exercise - at the time I was playing racquet sports, cycling and football regularly an dhave drastically cut down to just cycling and walking now and then.

    To all - thanks for your support peeps :oD I'll update once I've been to the docs on Friday morning.

  6. There is a place in Ashton that does Cortizone injections - nr Town Centre :) (obviously you'd have to be referred)

  7. Joby - given the amount of problems with my knee, my doc always referes me back to my consultant if I need to have anything done to it. You're thinking of the walk in centre I think. They can do them, but I never go to Ashton as it costs too much to go by bus. Can't ride the day you have injections either so that's out of the question.