Friday, 20 November 2009

Dr Pain

This morning's visit to the doctors passed by relatively well. Doc is rather amazed that Surgeon advised I lead a very sedentary life. So was I when originally told, hence why I ignored him and only gave up the racquet sports and football, while carrying on cycling. Doc wants me to see my physio to ensure all ligaments, muscles etc are working properly before we turn to any drastic measures. He's adamant he wants me to keep cycling and also suggested I maybe take up rowing as not only will that keep my knee active it'd also help my repairing shoulder. So, I need to speak to my local gym to see about getting an induction. I certainly won't be rowing on a river! By the time I've finished having physio on my knee, I'll have been under their care for almost a year! ¤sent from my mobile device¤


  1. Is this the one down on Alan Turin Way?

    And why not row on a river - sounds like it would be fun?

  2. Rowing is a great exercise, make sure that someone shows you correct technique, gyms are full of people using the machines incorrectly. On my PT course we spent half an hour looking at how to use them!

    Your knee problems reminded me to check my weight, I weigh too much I get knee issues, must stop piling it on, its winter in the UK not siberia!

  3. Joby - yes it is. To row on a river would involve joining a rowing club or heading to debdale, both of which I can't be arsed doing.

    Trio - That's why my gym have inductions: to show people correct use :oD