Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Night ride

My night ride was changed to Monday night as I was meeting a friend on Tuesday evening after work. I was kind of glad to have a change of day for the ride to be honest.

Given that my shoulder was still sore after physio on Friday (hence why I didn't ride the 50 Mile Madness with Joby and Chris on Sunday) I took it real easy and tweaked the route so it was more of a pootle than an ordeal.

I set off along my usual evening route to Ashton, then up Cranbourne, along Ladbrooke to Whiteacre, across Queens Rd and up Palace Rd to Rose Hill Rd and up to Gorsey Lane before the awesome descent into Ashton again, through Guide Bridge, sneaking my way into the middle lane once back on Manchester Rd by the Snipe and hurtled along back home.

Despite the descent and the hurtling home, I took the rest of the route quite easily due to the rain slick roads and the showers I had to endure while out. Luckily I wore my Endura waterproof jacket so I remained dry, but I did have the ubiquitous skunk tail effect (I don't own any mudguards for Everest yet).

Even better is that my Endura jacket is so-called Tangerine coloured - in reality it is high viz. I also have the rear of my bike looking a little like a christmas tree with my cat-eye and 2 knog frogs blinking away. It's still more than a little disconcerting that a few drivers still came within a whisker of taking me out on corners. One bus driver, whose company shall remain nameless (Stagecoach. Oops, did I tell everyone?? Lol), very nearly squished me on a sprint as he meandered lazily into my lane.

Still, he didn't. I'm, alive (I think) and all ready to play out again another day!

Stats -
Miles: 12.14
Average speed: 14.3mph
Climbed: 431ft


  1. You wouldn't have got me out on that 50miles of madness either in those conditions!

    I'm thinking of putting a bit of tinsell on my bikes cross bar and a star on my helmet just complete the Christmas tree effect!

    I've yet to find a way of keeping dry in the rain. If my jackets waterproof then I normally end up getting wet from sweat.

  2. Fucking Stagecoach....

    Still haven't replied to my complaints!

  3. Red: your bike would look so pretty ;oD How about some fairy lights on the helmet too?!

    I'm currently in the same position as you - I stay dry from the rain but get soaked with sweat. Most times I just wear my windproof instead. Only had the endura on that night cos it's high-viz.

    Joby: They won't reply as that would mean they'd have to admit to being at fault. And they certainly won't do that!