Friday, 25 September 2009

Things that go bump in the night

On Monday I decided to borrow a phone (clumpier than mine) from my bro so I could go for a ride after work on Tuesday. It was a rather basic phone, so wasn't really worth my telling anybody about.

Work was nicely busy on Tuesday and I was looking forward to the evening ride. Mmmmm, oh how I wish I'd stayed at home!

The ride was going really well with an average speed of 16.7mph as I travelled into Ashton to do a loop through Park Bridge. Heading along one of the main one-way streets to get to Ikea I was in the outside lane seeing as that one was going in the direction I wanted. I passed a couple of side streets then as I was coming to another side street, a car had paused with it's indicator on for turning right. I though nothing of it as it had many lanes to turn into; as the whole of the rest of the road was clear I assumed it'd be turning into the nearside lane, then make it's way into whatever lane it wanted.

The reality was so much different from the thought. Instead of turning into the nearest lane, the driver drove straight at me (despite indicating for a turning) and sent me flying and only turned once I was sprawled on the floor with my bike sticking out of the windscreen.

As has happened so many times in the past, whenever I've had an incident of any variety (usually being cut up) the police were on hand to sort the situation out. Turns out they were right behind the knob and saw it all happen. They, like me, couldn't believe it. The driver claimed he didn't see me.

This all happened at 7pm. It was still light so no street lamps were on, I had my lights on my nice pale blue and silver beastie, I wore tights with nice little reflective bits on, ditto my shoes and gloves, my jersey was my club jersey (white base with one blue and one red sleeve and red and blue flashes across it), my helmet is a Lampre team edition so is blue, white and bright pink. Erm, which bit of me didn't he see? My ass? My boobs? Did he want to see my teeth? Or maybe he was a throat doctor and wanted to see my tonsils as I screamed at him with a trail of choice expletives?

Both myself and the officers were amazed that the arse couldn't see me - they could and they were looking through another car!

After picking my bike out of the car and checking it over (perfectly fine she is - one tough beastie, my Everest), I got a lift to the local A&E where xrays were taken of my wrist: base of thumb may or may not be cracked, the docs can't be sure if the line on the xray is recent or from when it broke in November. Makes no difference to me as it's not too sore and I refused to have any form of splint on it (I refused a splint in November too). Other than that I've pulled (maybe torn) muscles between my shoulder blades, but have happily been carrying on as normal.

No doubt the arse will get a slapped wrist and told not drive for a month, or something else stupid. I'm convinced he couldn't drive in the first place, so that's hardly going to stop him is it?!

I've been out to play since then with no ill effects so all is good. Hurrah! I'm thinking that maybe I've been Joby-jinxed?????


  1. Oh no Anna, not another crash. I'm glad that you're alright this time.

    Everest must be a tough bike. I needed a new front wheel and forks when I hit a car.

  2. I'm very surprised that Everest is so tough. She's way tougher than I am!!

    I still hurt from it, but it's nothing major unlike last time a car got me.

  3. Are you really sure you want me to come out on this club run on Sunday?

  4. I blaim JOBY-Jix, Had my own incident seconds after we parted tonight.......

  5. Glad you're okay. Also glad you've picked up on the JobyJinx term as let's face all the evidence is that he's jinxed us both.

    Am sorry to say that you're probably right about the driver especially if he's not legally allowed to drive in the first place.

  6. Glad your ok and more importantly that the bike is fine!

  7. @ Joby: it seems that you jinx all who ride with you, but it's bloody good fun at the same time, so yeah you're still allowed to come play with us all tomorrow. I wanna see how many of the rest of the club you can get!

    @ Rafe, Trio & Red: thanks for the well-wishes. It seems this time I did bounce :oD

    @ Gaz: he really has got a contract out on him, hasn't he?! He's not a stupid cyclist, so I really don't know why he gets all the crap flying at him all the time. Has he had any day where he hasn't been mown down?????