Friday, 25 September 2009


Usually I work on a Friday, but I did a shift swap so I worked yesterday instead meaning I could go out to play today.

After obtaining some Gore arm warmers from Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative on Wednesday morning with the money raided from my piggy(literally) bank, I thought I'd give them a try out on a chilly morning ride.

Twas meant to be a 10 mile loop that I never got to finish on Tuesday night, but it ended up being a ride to the Pike instead.

I set off along the most direct route to Ashton (direct bar the contraflows of course) and braved the street of pain to get to Cranbourne and St Albans for a nice climb before heading to Grotton and Mossley (more climbing). For some inane reason I decided to get to the Pike the harder way - up the steep side of Mossley Cross and up Broadcarr rather than the slightly easier but more drawn out 6%er of the other way!
Down into Lees, across Abbey Hills Rd and back up the Brow and I was flying through Park Bridge through the chicane at the bottom of the hill and across to Daisy Nook where Everest had a rest and a swan looked like it was recuperating in one of the ponds before shooting back home to a pint of milk to guzzle.
Stats - view route
Miles: 18.58
Average speed: 15.2mph (not sure how I managed that considering)
Climbed: 1044ft

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