Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I need a new route!

I went on my usual after work ride to keep up the miles. By the time I was kitted up it was so dark I needed my lights on before I even left my street. By the time I got to my destination it was black black and my poor lights couldn't break the blackness, so I sadly returned the same way I went out, completely bypassing Park Bridge. I need to sort out another route bout 10-15 miles long, nice and quiet, where I'm not riding blind. Might hunt one out tomorrow. Anyhoo, I completed tonights 13.08 miles with an average of 15.2mph. ¤ Sent from my mobile phone ¤


  1. It sounds like you need better lights. The cheapest I can recommend are the various cree LED torches from Tesco / dealtime extreme fastened to the handle bars with a holder.

    Total cost about £15/£30

  2. My cateye was 45.00 so you'd think that it would be good enough. The road I was on was a country lane with no buildings nor street lamps and descended into a tree lined valley. i think the only lights that'd work fine down there would be uber powerful ones.

    It's not a problemt o change my route anyway as that one gets pretty dangerous in the dead of winter. I have another 2 routes I can do in an evening now.

  3. LED lights have come on a long way in the last year or two.

    Be safe and be seen. If you're going to ride at night get yourself some good lights.

  4. I have good lights. I am seen with them and I rode a lot at night last year. The only difference now is that I was riding a different route that just needed brighter lights.

    It's no big deal as my route has gotten better with more climbing now that I have altered it from last week. So I don't need new lights just for a ride that I do twice a week and wouldn't be doing in the dark in summer :oD

    My route now doesn't involve any area that isn't lit by streetlamps.
    Due to my financial situation I'd not be able to afford new lights even if I needed them. Which i don't :oD