Sunday, 1 March 2009

February review

After January's successes, I thought that February would either be the same or get even better. My plans didn't quite go according to plan (as this will tell you)! So here's the info -

1. Ride every other day. Rode 1 out of 28 days - 2/2. The very day that plans went awry!
3. Complete a metric century ride each month. Erm, nope!
4. Ride Hartshead Pike once a week. Not a chance.
5. Ride the Middleton CC Club ride. My bro rode it, but alas not me.
6. Ride Chorlton Wanderers ride. Nope.
7. Practice hill repeats. Didn't quite get to a hill on my one and only ride this month.

Total February mileage - 15.29


  1. My monthly pedalling was only 29 miles and I didn't have a broken bone so don't feel too bad. Keep getting better and you'll be back riding soon.

  2. It's definitely getting better already - can now walk without the crutches, but still a fair amount of pain.

    Think I'll only be able to get back riding once all the pain has gone.