Thursday, 19 March 2009

I took advantage

I woke up to the sun streaming in through my bedroom window casting a lovely warm red glow through the room and thought I just have to get outside. So I did!

As I'd had a good amble around Daisy Nook on Monday, I thought I'd head back out that way again and have more of an explore.

I began again at Bardsley but stuck to the river side instead of the canal sections of the country park. After almost sliding down a steep muddy path to get to the valley bottom, it was almost like stepping into a dream - the silence was deafening, with not a hint of the road above and carried on the occasional breeze was only the faint bubbling of the river as it trickled across pebbles. Perfect.

I made my way to Riversvale Drive - a beautiful sweeping compacted earth driveway that led to the (now, sadly demolished) glorious Gothic pile that was Riversvale Hall. The Earl of Stamford certainly picked a stunning spot to build his house in 1846. While soaking in the atmosphere a fab photo opportunity arose in the shape of a lovely hound lying proudly in between the gates of the Lodge; almost as thought it was his house and he was guarding it!

After pootling about in the wood I opted for a stroll through the river - it's rather shallow in parts and reach the top of my boots. Then I made my way back up onto the paths I walked on Monday before making my way to a funky stone slab bridge over the river to a cute little arched stone bridge over a brook that trickles into the Medlock here. After another wander in the river and along its pebbly banks to yet another little bridge, I made my way to the John Haworth centre for the obligatory bacon butty and mug of tea.

It seemed that no matter where I went today I was being pounced on by hounds - I made lots of new waggy tailed friends today - Alsatians, Retrievers, Labradors, Cairn Terriers, Great Dane....all having so much fun their tails were a blur of happiness!

After much chatting with the dog owners and after the butty and tea had gone, I looked at my watch to check the time and found I'd been out for almost 2hrs. Blimey, I didn't think I was out for that long!


  1. Aren't those days the best! When there's been now planning, just a 'the sun's out, lets go play' moment. May there be many many more to come :oD

  2. They are soooo the best!! Bit of a bummer now it's got really windy though. I had intentions of getting about to a few of the Pikes in the area but I think I may get blown off the hills!