Friday, 6 February 2009

Further reviews

Well, I went back to the MRI this morning for a review with the Ortho docs. It didn't quite go as well as I thought it would.

Firstly, there was the annoyingly long wait to see the doc - bad enough at the best of times, but made worse by not really being able to sit down on hard chairs for very long.

Secondly, the doc confirmed there is a break - I could see it myself on the xrays, so there was no hiding from it.

Lastly, the doc isn't convinced there is only one break. He's concerned about the amount of pain I have and the very limited movement in the left leg without extreme pain or lack of feeling. As a young(ish), sporty person I shouldn't be hurting this much, especially when I have a high pain threshold.
So I have to go back again next Friday for more xrays and to be poked, prodded, tweaked......

Hmmmm, maybe all is not as it originally seemed :o(

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