Sunday, 6 December 2009

The weekend

The weekend has been at interesting one, and a relatively good one too.

Saturday began with me not having to work for once (worked 3 saturdays in the past month), so it began very lazily with umpteen teacakes eaten for breakfast with a huge mug of coffee before heading over to the parent's place where more coffee and the newspapers waited for me to devour.

The afternoon was spent with Mom and Bro shipping (window shopping in my case, as I'm so skint) and having a hoot with them both. Popped into the shop I work in, and we all had a go on the tombola - myself and mom not winning everything, bro winning 3 times. he was very nice and gave me one of the prizes which I'm happy about as it's a lovely fragrance, and one which I'd never normally think about. But there you go!

The evening was spent over at the Manchester Velodrome watching Revolution 26 - a night of cycling including elite and future stars riders all competing in their own sectors for placings in the series.
Unlike in November's event where the future stars had several crashes, it was the turn of the elite riders with 2 crashes in the same race. Both riders got up and carried on racing later in the night once their bikes had been fixed.
Bradley Wiggins put on a storm of cycling and former skier Alain Baxter put in an appearance for his first cycle race of his career and gave an amazing performance as he stomped through the sprint with a sub 12 second ride in the flying 200m sprint. Excellent!

Today was meant to have involved some cycling. All was fine until I woke up with bad knee pain (again). I was talking with Mom yesterday anyway about strapping it up or putting a knee brace on it at some point. I did a google search this morning on the subject and matched my symptoms with those of PCL sprain - pain on hyper-extension of the knee and most certainly made worse by straightening it out - all the pain is in the right area and fits in so well with what I read. However, I cannot physically do anything in terms of strapping/bracing etc until I have seen the physio which will be after xmas now. So in the meantime it's back with the anti-inflammatories when really needed and trying to take it easy when I can

I will not, however, let the pain stop me from riding in MCC track champs on 20th December.


  1. I do hope the knee isn’t a permanent injury...

    I dont know what I would do if I couldnt cycle now...

  2. I'm not pretending to know anything about knees but if you're in pain then riding a track championship really doesn't sound like a good idea.

  3. she's a woman, you can't tell them anything and expect them to listen and do what you say :P But saying that she has been waiting a year to have a good sprint round. I have been practising hehe beat my 1km time by 6 seconds (1 min 24)and thats with Pete timing me so it might be under a minute :)Thats with a very slow rolling start, not quite standing.

  4. Red - It's annoying cos I have days without any pain at all and then days on end with pain, pain and a bit more pain. The champs all depend on how my knee is on the day.

    Crimmey - spot on mate! The last time I rode the championships was in November/December last year. I'm not expecting to do anything great, but I just want to ride 1 event. If I can do more of them, then I will.
    Excellent going on the improvement, although having a standing start makes a huge difference to things, as you know. I'm confident both you and Pantani will get better times this time round.

  5. Aye, 3 days to go til I either whoop butt or limp off into the D.

    Just need to sort out new innertubes for the trackie and I'm sorted :oD