Monday, 27 April 2009

Good news!

I was dreading my appointment at the fracture clinic in the MRI on Friday as I was expecting to be told my pelvis isn't healing properly - that's what happened when I fractured my tibial plateau years ago.

However, the doc seemed really pleased with how things have progressed and has discharged me. When he asked if I have anything I want to ask him, naturally I only had 1 question - how soon can I ride again? The answer was not quite so good - I have to wait another month before I can ride the lovely Everest again.

As I've been forcing myself out walking on the moors etc, I don't even need to have physio - popped down to see one of the physios at my local sports centre and they've said that whatever I've been doing so far has really helped and I need only go to them if it starts to feel tight/sore etc.

So, hurrah! I'm a (90%) happy bunny!


  1. Fantastic news. I hope the month goes quickly for you.

  2. As you can imagine I'm happy that things are going in the right direction. Not too keen on waiting another month as it'll only leave me a month and a bit to get fit again for Mcr-Blackpool!

  3. Glad to hear your good news LOST. Keep treating your hip right and don't get back in the saddle too soon.
    All the best